Countless are the brazing applications in the automotive industry, it happen often that the main industry delegate the brazing processes and controles to large industrial groups specializing in components production. Among many components that are produced by brazing we can remember common rail, EGR valves, oil pipes, gas pipes, brake pipes radiators for cooling circuit and for air condition area. For all these production the brazing furnace is the standard technology.

The nature of the fluids lead to the choice of base material, for example the air condition circuit is made in aluminum and it is quite common the use of Nocolok; for the other element copper alloys or of nickel chromium alloys are mainly used. You can know more about brazing material use in automotive downloading our guide:

There are also special cases where it isn’t possible or not convenient to use furnace, this happens if the number of pieces is not very high and it is not possible to obtain very precise joints with small clearance or even when the drawing of the piece does not facilitate the operation in the furnace.

In this case we recommend SPECIAL BRASS with high capillarity and excellent hydraulic and mechanical strength, together with flux in the flame and liquid vaporizer device. You must consider that the manual production allows to minimize the cost, and it is the most economical solution to be chosen in alternative or as an integration to an automated solution, that is convenient only if the production reaches large volumes. The investment is minimal and gives very good flexibility, the joints have excellent quality, an high hydraulic and mechanical resistance.

The products recommended by A.V. Saldature S.r.l. are:

Alloys S21 SM23 o ST22 Rods
Fluxes L88N
Equipment Vaporizer Mod. N + Brazing Equipment
Joint Carbon Steel to Carbon Steel
Alloys Cu Alloy in Paste, Rings o Preformed (CUM1)
Equipment Black or White Belt Furnace
Joint Stainless Steel to Stainless Steel
Alloys Cu Alloy in Paste, Rings o Preformed
Ni Paste
Equipment Vacuum or White Belt Furnace